Ahmad Yassir is a multidisciplinary artist, media professional, and former international educator. His work is informed by his personal experiences growing up amidst social and political conflicts, as well as his exposure to diverse cultures and environments. Born in Tripoli, Lebanon as the youngest of six children, Ahmad later gained independence while living in Beirut before attending the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he was immersed in a multicultural community.

Ahmad went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts and Public Policy Analysis from Bennington College in Vermont, USA. During his time at Bennington College, Ahmad explored the intersection of art, education and community building. His unique approach to creative development earned him recognition as the Shires Young Professional of the Year by the Southwest Vermont Chamber of Commerce, as well as the NENPA First Award for his work in digital marketing and design.

Currently, Ahmad works as a media professional at VT News & Media, where he continues to use his artistic sensibilities to create impactful media campaigns. In addition, he fosters cats and is an active member of the organizing team of the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show, where he helps showcase the work of local and regional artists from around the states. Ahmad’s diverse experiences and creative talents make him a unique and valuable asset to any project or team he is a part of.

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Ahmad’s experiences as both a student and a teacher in International institutions have influenced his passion for instructional design and curriculum development.  He creates interactive-discussion based classes that combine epistemology, conflict resolution, global politics, peacebuilding, social practice, visual media, and creativity that aid in student advancement. His pedagogy is derived from the idea that all students have different approaches to learning and thus require different means of communication. By developing courses that focus on students’ personal passions and interests, Ahmad hopes to advise and motivate students to be confident in their skills as creative thinkers, and leaders. 

Ahliah International School
Downtown Beirut, Lebanon
Abaarso School of Science and Technology
Hargeisa, Somaliland
Syrian Smile Makers Team
Kilis, Southern Turkey


Ahmad’s work isn’t limited to educational institutions or a singular artistic practice. In fact, the intersection of art and education works as a catalyst for initiatives of change-making. He has implemented projects in Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the United States, and Somaliland. His work lives in an expanded field of cultural production and community practice and he actively tries to reject western ideals that place distinction between art-making and social practice. In all work, independent or collaborative, Ahmad grounds his practice in theoretical research methods and field experiences to develop fluency in the conceptual and practical issues of a community to further develop their capacity and skills.

Sage Street Mill
Digital Studio
Diversity Conference
Bennies Cafe
Forefront 2020


From a young age, Ahmad was inspired by animations and cartoons to begin his artistic career. He began by filling sketchbooks with figuration and caricature, based on the programs he had seen. He received multiple awards in visual arts, both regionally and nationally. He was ranked second in Arabic Calligraphy by UNESCO in 2010. At Bennington College, Ahmad began to rigorously study a breadth of art-making practices as well as a broad exploration of islamic art history and contemporary art movement. He has studied drawing with Mary Lum and Ann Pibal, architecture with Donald Sherefkin, digital arts with Michael Stradley, painting and paper sculpture with J Blackwell, and Islamic Art History with Dr. Razan Francis. Ahmad’s artwork has been exhibited in Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and The United States.

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