Ahmad Yassir is an artist, educator, and social practitioner. He draws inspiration from the social and political conflicts that have been associated with his growth, living environments, and educational experiences. Ahmad grew up in the conservative city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, followed by finding independence in Beirut, living in a diverse environment while attending the United World College in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he’s currently enrolled as an undergraduate in Bennington College, Vermont, studying the creative development of education through Public Action and Visual Arts.

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Ahmad focuses on designing educational but not necessarily academic courses, targeting specific issues and limitations that students have towards their educational experiences and develop courses that focus on developing their personal passions and interests. Modeling interactive-discussion based classes that combine epistemology, conflict resolution, global politics, peacebuilding, social practice, visual media, and creative thinking to develop their skills. In addition to art-centric courses that focuses on the investigation of art through a subjective manner from the perspective of the student, which motivates them towards producing more art and becoming more confident about their work.


Ahmad has shown success in organizing international conferences, and success in leading groups. Ahmad is a very committed person that gets engaged with their working environment and continuously work on presenting it in the most professional and creative manner. He has implemented projects in Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the United States, and Somaliland. He has also taken over multiple volunteering positions and focuses on the culture and environment these projects are taking place, beginning with a field study and site observation to implement having most of the work completed in those volunteering periods.


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