In the winter of 2018, I worked with the Syrian Smile Makers team that is based in Syria but currently functioning in Turkey. Their aim is bringing a smile back to Syrian refugees within the community through rehabilitation and providing humanitarian assistance to war victims. They are also specialized in education for Syrian children refugees that helps integrating them within the Turkish schoolish system. For the first month I was attending their supplement education course, to become more familiar with their classroom environment and dynamics between the students and their teachers. I became more familiar with their schooling structure and got to know some of the students that I will be teaching. I became familiar with the building and the spaces that I could use, in addition to meeting with their current teacher, logistics and media volunteers. I took their theatre room since it had the biggest space that could accommodate the activities of the course, and I was supplied with a projector, speakers, 6 tables, 30 chairs, and 2 boards. The remaining supplies such as drawing books, coloring pencils, flip chart sheets, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, glue, and other assisting material were provided by the teacher. Briefly, this course is designed for motivating students and making them more aware of their education. I found that working with Syrian refugees would be a great learning experience for me, in addition to being able to contribute by bringing positive change to a group of children that are suffering from armed conflict, displacement, and disorientation.

Course syllabus and more information will be coming soon!