Sage Street Mill

I work with the Director to manage Programs, Initiatives, and Partnerships of the Sage Street Mill Project, including but not limited to: Soulspace Wellness Programs, professional training and mentoring, lofts and studio rentals, pop-ups, exhibitions, events, and entrepreneurial activities,.

September 2020

Developing the facility to multiple sectors, and managing the new digital branding, marketing, and online presence for the Sage Street Mill Project. The Mill has huge potential and contributing to its capacity building will bring various wonderful opportunities to the local community, and I’m hoping that our efforts will further develop the local sense of community and collectiveness. Through offering equitable opportunities for small businesses, young entrepreneur, college and high school students, independent contractors, and most importantly artists.

November 2020

Collaboration through consultation and creative production, with the Linley Foundation – non-profit based in Brazil and the US. On their upcoming campaign titled The America I Want Is, which is a social media project on a mission to bring dialogue in a form of talking circles to schools, higher-ed institutions, NGOs, the working space and more.

December 2020

Established a 2 year partnership with Green Mountain Aquaponics. An indoors urban family farm, based in Vermont that’s pioneering various techniques in producing the freshest herbs at the lowest cost of production. I launched their online shop and provided them with consultancy services on expanding their capacity for nationwide shipping. I found a great opportunity during COVID for these two entities to partner-up, the Mill has huge interest in combating food insecurity, and GMA needed to expand their production space, and have a costumer facing venue.

January 2021

Hosted Field Work Term Interns from Bennington College and collaborated on several projects around the Mill campus. The new(temporary) team members had the agency of choosing which creative projects that they would like to conduct around the facility. We designed 8 addition multi-purpose spaces, that are flexible to be re-arranged in different dimensions. This project helped with the launch of the Generator program that will host several artists.

February 2021

Expanded the Summer Wellness Camps for Kids from 5 to 8 weeks after proving compliance with CDC procedures. Strategizing for multiple outreach plans for employment and camp registration. The camp is thematic based on the skills and passions of the people running it. In here I am experimenting with a model of no-hierarchy where the essential sessions that are tied to the camp philosophy will be given by one team member, while the other members have the agency of hosting their own programming. This strategy builds a team of counselors, rather than assigning ranks on them. Additionally, It will make the counselors more passionate about their work, and connected with the material. But most importantly, it will allow the children to experience wonderful programming brought by several people and organized by a group effort.