Red Cross

Syrians seeking refuge in Europe pass through Vukovar in Croatia, which is their last checkpoint before accessing countries that are offering them asylum. I was working with the head doctor on translating Arabic to English and vise-vera, in order to facilitate better communication between the staff and the patients. Working on site also gave me the opportunity to help on the field, assisting with translation for security forces as well. Since the breakout of protests in March 2011, over 190,000 men, women, and children have been killed. 11.6 million people have fled the violence in Syria, a staggering figure almost three times the population of New Zealand. What started as a peaceful cry for freedom has descended into a devastating civil war. With an ever-rising death toll and millions left without food, water or healthcare, the people most harmed by the fighting are innocent civilians. Every day around 5000 people, mainly women and children, flee their homes in Syria. Four million are being sheltered by Syria’s five neighboring countries who are struggling to cope. With no end to the conflict in sight, these numbers will increase. This is the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime and the international community cannot continue to turn its back on Syria’s refugees.