Advising for higher-education is one of the main pilers to academic mentorship

Personal Narrative

Reflecting on your own experiences as a student in higher-education.

Transition to College

It is essential for freshman and prospective students to be aware and advised on their personal transition to higher education.

Colleges are very influential in the development of students’ social identity during their college career. Thus, its is necessary to ensure the compatibility of each student with the college’s philosophies. While understanding that the institution is a space for socializing, learning, living and growing together.

Transition in Academics

Diversification of student narratives will lead to an impactful facilitation allowing a more inclusive approach for new students’ to explore of the new space they will be inhibiting and become more aware of the resources available for them.

Learn more about the college you’re interested in applying for by taking a look at their social media platforms.

Contact a current student or recent alumn directly to chat about what you have in mind for your college experience!

College is more than the programs they have to offer, it will be your place of living and striving creatively and academically for 4 years, no pressure, everything should be exciting but you have to make sure that it’s the best fit for you in every way!