One part of my work was in the classrooms, teaching an epistemology course to students from grades 11 and 12, observing the classroom dynamic between students from different grades and different teachers, assisting in selected biology and art classes, and substituting for teachers to have discussions with students. The theories of knowledge class was a good platform to have discussions with students about things they found more important to discuss in school, in addition to learning a course that makes them think more about knowledge and the world. Observing classes was a great experience for me to be in a classroom and playing both roles of being a student and a teacher. I saw some limitations by the teachers and the students’ response to everything withdrawn by the teacher. Substituting teacher gave me a bigger chance and more opportunities to practice my teaching skills, and reach out to the students about social awareness topics. I had presentations that were scheduled in a period where more than two classes can attend. My first one was about applying to colleges and universities abroad. Telling them about my experience in the pursuit of education, moving from a public to a private school, United world college, and then Bennington. I explained the criteria of looking up colleges and selecting the ones they wish to apply for, by showing them Bennington College’s campus, classrooms, and all the things that made me apply and go there. I also had additional information on multiple countries, different systems, required documents. My second presentation was on academic honesty and tackling schoolwork. It was a type of education awareness on the responsibilities of a student and the structure of the curriculum. I had a different approach when I am doing this social work than an instructor at the school, with my display of graphics and portray of ideas and suggestions to have a better experience doing schoolwork and being committed to it. The main reason why I did this presentation is due to my belief in the lack of orientation students receive on their required work and lack of skills taught by schools in Lebanon. My third presentation was on racism. Students in Lebanon are influenced by their peers and the society, for them making racist jokes is just a part of the conversation. I approached them by talking about their movies, and the Disney princesses until we started talking about Aladdin, and what it meant to them to be displayed like this as Arabs in a Disney movie? It was a discussion on a topic that is very necessary to have with students in school because tackling social dilemmas that are found in the community is the school’s job as well. The third role I took was in the extra-curricular activities there. I directed a group of students who are participating in the Model United Nations Conference organized by the Lebanese American University. MUN demands public speaking skills, knowledge in its rules and procedures, and further research on the topics held in the councils. I created a syllabus for the training that is pretty in reverse to how it’s done anywhere else, and with a more visual display of their required material. I led a group of students who are participating in a program run by the UNESCO on the integration of refugees. Aiming to make a two minutes video on the topic. Injaz is a virtual company program that aims to give students the opportunity of starting their own company, divide roles, sell virtual stocks to get their capital money, make a product that they have to promote for it and sell it. I participated in before as a public relations and marketing manager. I joined the injaz group they have this year as an instructor, I shared my experience with them, a lot of tips and suggestions regarding their work and how they can win the competitions

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