Abaarso School is a great institution, they’re starting from a solid basis to grow and progress even stronger. There’s a great community of teachers coming from different regions around the world, the students are very smart and passionate, and the administration is great. The living conditions here are making me appreciate the things we take for granted more and more every day!
I am currently giving an art course, which I started with investigating “what is art?” with my students and looking at the artwork of different artists from the Dadism and Surrealist movements, to get them over their perception of art being limited to classic paintings and murals. Within a week their confidence became much higher and their artwork and ways of talking about their work, and others have been very impressive. The syllabus constitutes of Dadism, Surrealism, Islamic Art, and Feminist art. My biggest challenge so far has been censoring my art material and class content since the school is trying to be very respectful to the student’s culture and beliefs. 
My second course is an Elective called Building Global Bridges, that is a mix between global politics and peacebuilding, students are experiencing writing their first ever research paper. The students are collaborating on writing a report on Somaliland, where each pair is covering a different topic, that they showed interest and curiosity in investigating. Students here are used to writing creative essays only, and they are very obsessed with using their common sense and perceived information, therefore, I started my course with epistemology; covering topics on knowledge and skepticism. Their reports now have progressed greatly though taking a neutral standpoint and backing up all their information with data and references. The other objective of this class is outsourcing their information and researching similar issues that got solved in different countries and regions and analyzing whether it would be possible to be applied in their country or not. 

Syllabus, pictures and working material are coming soon!